All New 2016 Newmar Ventana

2016 Newmar Ventana

For 2016 Newmar completely revamped the Ventana and Ventana LE and you’re going to like what they changed on their entry level diesel pusher. The front and rear cap are redesigned from the ground up and Newmar has added chrome and stainless steel accents throughout the exterior of the coach. 2016 brought all new paint schemes and colors as well in addition to new floor plans and decors. Scroll down the page to learn about the exciting new 2016 Ventana and Ventana LE from Newmar!

The Exterior

2016 Newmar Ventana

2016 Ventana Rear

2016 Newmar Ventana Paint

The Interior

2016 Newmar Ventana Interior

2016 Newmar Ventana Interior

2016 Newmar Ventana Dash

2016 Newmar Ventana Pantry

2016 Ventana Interior

2016 Newmar Ventana decor

2016 Newmar Ventana wood

Life Cycle Changes

Here is a summary of what is new for the all new 2016 Ventana!

  • New STAR chassis foundation (Strong, True, And Robust)
  • New front/rear caps & grill w/stainless steel accents & concealed hood hinge
  • New instrument panel & dash w/grab bar
  • Harmon-JBL 180W sound system with 4 speakers
  • “Comfort Booth” euro-style dinettes
  • Sofas lengthened in select models
  • New double bowl galley sink
  • L-Shaped sofas & Extenda-Flex dinettes now power operated
  • New 40″ LED TV in front overhead area
  • New wireless “pad” charging station added to dash
  • Upgraded entry door
  • 2″ taller luggage doors and fender wells
  • “Step up” in rear bath areas lowered 1 1/2″ to increase headroom
  • Engine cover in rear bedroom models lowered 1 1/2″ to increase headroom
  • New emergency egress door in rear bath models
  • Added galley “toe-kick” drawers
  • New restyled interior decors & plumbing fixtures
  • New exterior graphics
  • Hardwood cabinets & slideout fascias now standard
  • “Ultra-Steer” passive steering on all tag axles and “V-Ride” suspension on drive axles
  • 15,000LB hitch rating on 40′ & 43′ models
  • New HWH hydraulic leveling system
  • New “hammock” kit option
  • New 3 stage engine brake ILO 2 stage on 400HP models
  • New floorplans: 3427, 3709, 3725, 4041, 4316 and 4322

16 Ventana

More Photos

2016 Ventana Headlight

2016 Ventana Grill

2016 Ventana Interior


Ventana Interior 2016

The Floorplans

2016 Ventana Floorplans


2016 Ventana 3437


2016 Ventana 3436


2016 Ventana 3709


2016 Ventana 3725


2016 Ventana4002


2016 Ventana 4037


2016 Ventana 4041


2016 Ventana 4311


2016 Ventana 4316


2016 Ventana 4322


2016 Ventana 4369


2016 Ventana 4381


What’s New for 2016

Floor Plans

  • For 2016, the Ventana 36′ floorplans grow to 37′
  • The Ventana 3436,4002, 4037, 4311, 4369 and 4381 are all carried over
    • The 4369 will feature a sofa w/televator on the door side standard instead of the bar with stools
  • The Ventana 3437, 3635, 3636, 4315, 4360 and 4375 models have all been discontinued
  • There is 6 new floor plans to replace the 6 discontinued models
    • Ventana 3427
      • New quad slide model featuring a door side dining area looking out to the patio
      • The standard dinette is a hide-a-leaf table with 2 fixed and 2 folding chairs and has LED TV positioned above window
      • Front area provides for a roomy L-shaped kitchen next to the dining area and a 87″ jack-knife sofa on the off door side
      • The split bath is very roomy with a large vanity and linen storage
      • The bedroom provides a queen bed, LED TV and a full wardrobe along the rear wall that can accommodate an optional 2 piece washer and dryer
    • Ventana 3709
      • The new Ventana 3709 model is a full wall slide bath and a half layout
      • The door side of the front living area provides a large and functional galley along with cabinet storage that house an LED TV on power lift
      • On the off door side, the 3709 features a 74″ jack-knife sofa, standard booth dinette as well as a fridge and pantry, across which is a half bath
      • The master bedroom suite has a queen bed, shirt wardrobes and an LED TV
      • The master bath area is at the far rear of the coach, with a 36″ radius shower, hanging wardrobe and a second wardrobe that could house an optional washer and dryer
    • Ventana 3725
      • The Ventana 3725 provides a full wall slide on the off door side with a hide-a-leaf dinette with large buffet and fixed LED TV as well as a room galley
      • The door side slide in the front living area features a 74″ jack-knife sofa and recliner with excellent TV viewing
      • The enclosed bathroom is mid-ship and provides a 38″x30″ shower, linen storage and a large vanity
      • The bedroom offers a king bed standard with a large wardrobe along goth rear wall of the coach, which is capable of housing an optional 2 piece washer and dryer
    • Ventana 4041
      • The Ventana 4041 is a new full wall slide bath and a half model offering a new microwave location and new pantry design with hinged swing out boxes
      • The dining area is located on the door side facing the patio and features an LED TV on power lift from the buffet
      • Also on the door side is a unique pantry, fridge and second pantry which is replaced by a larger fridge if selected
      • On the off door side in the full wall slide is a 92″ hide-a-bed sofa directly across from the dinning area and TV, as well as a roomy galley and pantry with more swing out boxes
      • The microwave is not located above the cooktop rather is in a separate cabinet in the kitchen
      • A half bath is located mid ship
      • The master bedroom suite has a king bed, shirt wardrobes and an LED TV
      • The master bath area is at the far rear of the coach, with 36″ radius shower, hanging wardrobe and a second wardrobe that can house an optional washer and dryer.
    • Ventana 4316
      • The new Ventana 4316 replaces the 4315
      • The front living area, bunk area and bedroom are the same as the 3415
      • Only change is to the bathroom area where wardrobe with drawers is replaced to reposition the stool and to free up space
    • Ventana 4322
      • The Ventana 4322 is a quad slide side aisle floor plan
      • The front living are provides an 87″ hide-a-bed sofa and dinette on the off door side with a 74″ jack-knife sofa w/Televator and kitchen on the door side. The sofas are positioned directly across from eachother
      • The bathroom is enclosed and repositioned on the door side providing an aisle on the off door side with two large windows
      • The bathroom has a residential style glass enclosed 40″x32″ shower and dual sinks
      • The bedroom has a 72″x80″ King bed with radius corners along with large wardrobe along the full length of the rear wall that can provide an 2 piece washer and dryer

Appliances and Accessories

  • In floor plans where a television in the front overhead is standard, a 40″ LED TV will be featured instead of a 32″ model
  • The dash radio has been greatly improved for Ventana in 2016 with a Harmon JBL 180W sound system with 4 dual speakers

Cabinets and Furniture

  • The option for hard wood cabinets and slide out fascias becomes standard
  • The 2016 Ventana has new cabinet door and drawer hardware
  • New standard dinette seating called “comfort booth” has been developed to resemble the look of euro-booth dinettes features in more expensive Newmar products
  • Drawers now replace cabinet doors in the base cabinet below the television in the Ventana 3436 floor plan
  • Adjustable dividers have been added to the drawers in the fixed dinette booths
  • The option for hardwood cabinets and slide out fascias become standard
  • New model and location of the microwave as well as a new hinged swing out pantry boxes are featured in the 4041
  • The standard extenda-flex L-sofa in the Ventana 4316 model will be powered for easier deployment and storage of the L portion
  • A new 87″ side folding hide-a-bed sofa will be standard in select floorplans
  • A new 92″ side folding hide-a-bed sofa will be standard on 4002, 4037 and 4041

Chassis Features

  • The tow hitch and rating on the 2016 Ventana 40′ tag and 43′ tag models has been increased to 15,000 pounds
  • Freightliner’s Ultra-Steer passive steering tag axle with drum brakes is now standard and will feature Freightliner’s V-Ride suspension
  • The engine brake on the Cummins ISL engine has been upgraded to a 3 stage system
  • The wheelbase of the 37′ models has been increased to 240″
  • A new HWH hydraulic leveling system will be featured on all 2016 Ventana tag axle models

Electrical Features

  • The USB charger in the bedroom has been relocated to the front panel of the night stand
  • A 110V outlet has been added on the sidewall above the sofa close to the end wall of the slideout
  • New style vanity light fixtures and wall sconces have been added to the interior design
  • In conjunction with the life cycle change, a wireless charging mat has been integrated into the newly designed dash

Exterior Features

  • The porch light of the 2016 Ventana now features an LED bulb
  • Complete life cycle including new front and rear caps that are 2″ taller and are highlighted with stainless steel trim
  • A new front entry door has been added (same door as luxury coaches)
  • New graphics and paint colors
  • New horsepower logos and Ultra-Steer badges
  • A new egress door has been added to rear bathroom applications

Interior Features

  • 2016 Ventana has a totally redesigned dash and switch locations
  • Two new interior decors: Antiquity and Cheval join Phantom
  • A better quality close off folding curtain has beed added to the Ventana 4311
  • New floor tile has been added to all interior decors for 2016

Plumbing and Bath Features

  • New faucets in the kitchen and bath areas
  • A new double bowl kitchen sink is features in the Ventana for 2016

Construction Features

  • Baggage doors have been increased in height by 2″
  • Front hood design features a hidden hinge
  • New steel super structure “STAR” has been engineered to allow for more innovation and features
  • New grab handle has been added to instrument panel at the entry door
  • The step up into the rear bath was lowered 1 1/2″ to allow more headroom
  • For rear bedroom models, the engine cover was also lowered 1 1/2″

Windows, Awnings, Vents and Doors

  • A new large kitchen window will be featured in the new 2016 Ventana 4041

Option Changes

  • Free standing table has been redesigned
  • The light wood option Harvest Maple is replaced with Wicker Maple
  • The medium wood option Verona Maple is replaced with Carmel Cherry
  • Front overhead TV is now a 40″ model
  • On the 4369, the sofa and televator is now standard and bar w/stools is optional
  • Flexsteel Extenda-Flex L-shaped sofa is now motorized
  • Optional recliners will now feature a fixed table
  • A 10 Cu Ft fridge with 2000W inverter and 6 house batteries is now available on 3436 and 3725 models
  • A new Whirlpool fridge is now available with ice maker in the freezer section
  • New option for a hammock kit


More Information Coming Soon!