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It all started with a man and a dream. Jac Hanemaayer first became interested in the RV business while designing his own model with Home & Park Vehicles Limited in 1974. The process of combining the comforts of a larger motorhome into a compact and easy-to-drive van was such an enjoyable life experience for Hanemaayer, he decided to purchase the company. Being an innovator at heart, the Roadtrek motorhome was truly born in 1980 when Hanemaayer redesigned the vehicle to have the now famous sweeping roofline, lowered floor and three-section floor plan.

Roadtrek & Carado Product Previews

Roadtrek has come a long way from our early success in developing a comfortable and functional Class B motorhome. Roadtrek now offers a full line of Class B coaches built on Mercedes, Chevrolet or Ram ProMaster chassis which range in size and style to suit any RV lifestyle. From our smaller Ranger to the midsized SS Agile, all the way to our top of the line full sized coaches including the industry’s first environmentally friendly E-Trek and our luxurious touring model the TS Adventurous, Roadtrek continues to stay true to its quality, trust and innovation.

Roadtrek was acquired by Erwin Hymer Group in 2016. The acquisition created Erwin Hymer Group North America (EHGNA) and has the European design, German engineering, North American technology and rich history of the two combined companies. Roadtrek is now one of EHGNA’s 4 brands and offers 11 models to choose from.




Our Roadtrek journey began in 2017 and we currently stock numerous Roadtrek models from the Simplicity to CS Adventurous. You can view our inventory by following this link: Roadtrek Inventory

From Roadtrek enthusiasts to those start starting the buying process, take a few moments to surround yourself with the Roadtrek Product by watching these videos. Please feel free to contact our sales team with any and all questions. You’ll find our contact information at the bottom of this page!


Carado Camper Vans

Carado models are built in Kitchener, Ontario Canada. In 2005, Carado was founded by German company, Erwin-Hymer Group (EHG). In 2016, EHG acquired Roadtrek Motorhomes Inc. and created Erwin Hymer Group North America (EHGNA). The Carado brand came to North America and was redesigned for the lineup of class B models.

With the aim of producing high-quality but still an inexpensive motorhome in the entry-level segment. To achieve these goals, we use some of the most sophisticated computer aided design and manufacturing tools available today. All mandatory procedures are performed to insure compliance with all relevant automotive and RV safety standards and requirements.

We also conduct additional voluntary testing, although not required, to maintain being the best in the business we want to make sure every vehicle that leaves our factory is built to our high standards. Every Carado is built with passion, pride, quality, craftsmanship, technology and pure love of the product; they are the guarantee for immaculate travel experiences, which every Carado offers.



View our Carado inventory here and watch the short video on the Axion to get a feel for the brand as well. You’ll find our contact information at the bottom of the page.

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