Service Tips & Tricks

At Steinbring Motorcoach, we aren’t here to just sell you a new or used motorhome. We believe in building a friendship with you and want to be as helpful as possible. Below we will post various tips and tricks we think you’ll find useful so you can possibly trouble shoot some of your issues or just get a feel for how your systems work.

Winterizing Your RV

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Comfort Drive Steering

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Winegard Wingman Antenna


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Winegard SWM Trav’ler Satelite

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Troubleshooting rv

Oasis Annual Service

Oasis Recommended Service/Maintenance Schedule

Check Annually:

  – Rubber hoses for fuel, water and coolant (Inspect for cracks, leaks and weak points)

  – Hose clamps (Check for hose wear under clamps and tightness)

  – Fuel filter (Replace)

  – Nozzle, O-rings and filter (Disassemble, clean and inspect. Replace filter and nozzle o-ring)

  – Ignitor (Inspect for year, replace every 2 years)

  – Exhaust system (Inspect for leaks, corrosion and tighten)

  – Coolant (Check level and PH, replace after 36mo)

  – Electronic control board (Ensure connections are tight)

  – Compressor, fuel pump and combustion fan (Inspect hoses for cracks)

Check at 1000 Hours:

  – Combustion chamber and exhaust (Vacuum clean)

* Annual, 3 Year and 5 Year Service Kits available – Contact us to order! *