New Winegard App

New Winegard App Makes Finding TV Signals Easier

(RV News, Tue April 10 2018)  –  Mobile and commercial antenna manufacture Winegard Company today launced a new app called “TV Signal Finder” which makes it simple for RVers to find their favorite TV shows and available channels. The new app was designed with travlers’ constant changing of locations in mind.

Antenna pointer mode finds available broadcast towers and over-the-air (OTA) channels. HDTV antenna users can choose the “antenna pointer” options that shows a map with the locations of all nearby broadcast towers, the distance between the RV and those towers and a list of channels available. Satellite pointer mode finds satellite locations and clear openings. This mode quickly locates satellite signals and guide RVers on the best location to park the RV that provides a clear opening for roof mounted units. Users are able to select their provider; BellTV, DIRECTV, DISH or Shaw Direct and then move into AR function to pinpoint satellite locations.

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