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The Bay Star 3225, 3423, 3618, 3629, and 3811 floor plans have been retained for the 2025 model year.
The 3014, 3116, and 3626 models are no longer available this new model year.
There are two new floor plans for the 2025 model year:

Bay Star 3016
• This new floor plan provides a full wall slide on the off-door side, with a bed slide in the bedroom on the door side.
• The front living area features a 74” Comfort Lounge sofa on the door side, with sleeper booth dinette on the off-door side.
• The kitchen, also located on the off-door side rear of the dinette, is roomy and functional. There is pantry storage across the hallway along the bath wall.
• The bathroom is located mid-ship and features a spacious vanity with lots of counter space, linen storage, as well as a 40” X 30” rectangular shower.
• The bedroom houses a King bed across from a large shirt wardrobe, dresser, and TV.

Bay Star 3826
• This new floorplan is a triple slide bath and a half model.
• The front living area features a 68” Comfort Lounge sofa on the door side, with a 74” Comfort
Lounge sitting opposite on the off-door side. Rear of the 74” Sofa sits a sleeper booth dinette.
• The kitchen, located door side, provides ample space for cooking and getting around.
• The half bath sits mid-ship with a dry bar on the outer wall facing the dinette.
• The bedroom houses an inclining King bed, with two wardrobes and an overhead cabinet with a
TV sitting opposite. The rear most ward can house an optional washer and dryer.
• Rounding out this floorplan, is the rear full bath. This features a single sink vanity, linen storage, and a 40”x30” shower.

• For 2025, there are new cabinet colors including: Dusk Maple, and Mesa Maple. With Dusk Maple being the standard woodgrain.
• Additionally, there is a new painted cabinetry color available Chiffon.
• These cabinet colors are available in a new Suede finish. With Suede replacing the Matte finish
from 2024.
• There is a new option for Two-Tone Cabinetry. Dark Woodgrains, Dusk and Mesa, will be used on
the lower cabinets and throughout the coach (trim, fascia, feature ceilings, window treatments, passage doors, wardrobe doors, and pantry doors), with the Chiffon (White) Woodgrain to be used on upper cabinetry. Chiffon is the only option for the upper cabinetry.
• A new shaker style cabinet door and drawer style is featured.
• New style swing/pivot door.

• KIB App with global functionality.
• New wire routing to clean up ATC lighting box. This is the KIB Lighting box commonly found in the
shoe storage.
• The previously used gray KIB panels have been replaced with new 5” LCD touch screens.
• For 2025, the Bay Star is standard with a 2000W inverter, and (6) 6V Batteries. This eliminates
options J200, J210, L250, L280, and L285 from 2024.
• Wall sconces have been omitted.
• New vanity lights are featured.

• There are three new exterior graphic options available for 2025: Granite, Cardinal, and Harvest.

• A Comfort Lounge sofa is standard on all floorplans.
• Stowe has been carried over from 2024. Two new décor packages are available “Arlo” and “Vista”.
These will mostly consist of the 2024 colors with a few changes made to bedding styles, pillow fabrics, and countertop colors.
• A new inclining/retracting bed mechanism with more travel is standard on the 3423 and 3826 floorplans.
• Crown molding has been omitted on all floorplans.
• New fascia insert is plain, replacing the pattern from 2024.
• New door and drawer hardware.
• Vinyl Plank Flooring is standard for 2025.

• The kitchen sink will be a single bowl sink, replacing the double bowl sink from 2024. This also features a new kitchen faucet.
• A new shower system is featured for 2025.
• A new white shower surround is standard for the Bay Star.
• New brushed nickel vessel on lav faucet.
• New bath hardware styling.

• A larger window will be used above the kitchen countertop.

• Hogan Sparrow will be the option replacing Linen Tweed for any special. Charcoal Tweed is standard on all three exterior graphic selections for 2025.

• There is a new option for Starlink Internet for 2025.
• With Vinyl Plank flooring standard for 2025, there are no flooring options available.
• A Visionary V2 Trifold Sofa has been made optional.

2025 Newmar Bay Star 3826

Granite Full Painted Exterior - Vista Interior Decor - 2 Tone Cabinetry with Mesa and Chiffon Maple with Suede Finish

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2025 Newmar Bay Star 3629

Cardinal Full Painted Exterior - Stowe Interior Decor - Chiffon Maple Cabinets with Suede Finish

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Exterior and Interior Colors

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