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The following 2024 King Aire models are still in the line-up for the 2025 model year: 4521, 4531, 4558, and 4596.
There are no new floor plans offered for the 2025 model year:

• Auto Rain Sense Wiper Controls are standard for 2025.

• For 2025, there are new cabinet colors including: Sable Maple, Carbon Maple, and Sedona Maple. With Sable Maple being the standard woodgrain.
• Additionally, there is a new painted cabinetry color available Summit.
• These cabinet colors are available in either a Diamond Gloss finish or new Suede finish. With
Suede replacing the Matte finish from 2024.
• There is a new option for Two-Tone Cabinetry. Dark Woodgrains, Sable, Carbon, and Sedona will
be used on the lower cabinets and throughout the coach (trim, fascia, feature ceilings, window treatments, passage doors, wardrobe doors, and pantry doors), with the Summit (White) Woodgrain to be used on upper cabinetry. Summit is the only option for the upper cabinetry.

• New wire routing to clean up ATC lighting box. This is the KIB Lighting box commonly found in the shoe storage.
• A temperature monitor for the water bay has been added to the silverleaf system.
• The in dash Xite monitors will be housed under a single piece of glass. These will still be two
   separate monitors, but provide a sleeker, cleaner appearance.

• For 2025, a change has been made to black KIB motion sensors on all floorplans.

• The Compartment Doors change to Morryde for 2025.
• Five new standard graphics are available for the 2025 King Aire, including: Light Sands, Night Skys,
Covington Cove, Havana Nights, and Royal Merlot.
• In addition, there are 4 new optional graphics available for 2025, including: Regal Heights, Autumn
Night, Midnight Pearl, and Artic Evening.
• An Icon Fiberglass exterior is replacing the previously used Noble Select. There is a 50%
improvement in the mirror quality, surface appearance after extreme heat cycles, and it is 6.5%
lighter than Noble Select.
• Diamond Shield protection has been added to the baggage doors.

• There is one new interior décor package for 2025, Kensington. Miramar, Abilene, and Wickham have been carried over from 2024.

• Bone stools have been discontinued. Leaving only white stools for 2025. WINDOWS, AWNINGS, VENTS AND DOORS
• Hogan Sparrow will be the option replacing Linen Tweed for any special.

• There is a new option for Starlink Internet. Options J235 and J671 are not available when selecting this option due to space constraints on the roof.
• For 2025, there are two options for a wine cooler:
- The SUB-ZERO wine cooler includes dual zone cooling with a single door. (4596 only).
- An additional wine cooler option, SILHOUETTE, also dual zone cooling with two doors, can
reach cooler temperatures. (4596 only).
• The wine glass stemware rack above wine cooler is no longer available and cannot be added as a
special, 4596 only.

2025 Newmar King Aire 4596

Featuring the new Onyx Package!

Midnight Pearl Full Painted Exterior - Wickham Interior Decor - 2 Tone Cabinetry with Carbon and Summit Glazed Maple Hardwood Cabinets with Diamond Gloss

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The Onyx Package is optional Dutch Star through King Aire for 2025 and replaces the standard items listed below in Black Onyx:

  • Front and Rear CAP Accents
  • Entrance Door Grab Handle
  • Rear Rock Guard
  • Wheels
  • Exterior Mirros
  • Newmar and Chassis Logos and Badges
  • Baggage Door Trim (optional on Dutch Star through Essex)

*King Aire production units will have different leather than display coaches pictured here. Villa furniture will be used with real Italian leather for 2025 Newmar model year King Aire.

Exterior and Interior Colors

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