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The Mountain Aire is all new for 2025. It features redesigned front and rear caps, and a redesigned dash. As in all cases that Newmar life cycles its products, there are a host of new and exciting changes, including new standard features and options, as well as many new interior design elements summarized under “interior features”.

The following 2024 Mountain Aire models are still in the line-up for the 2025 model year: 3823, 3825, 4118, and 4551. The Mountain Aire 4591 floor plan is no longer being offered for the new model year.
There is one new floor plan offered for the 2025 model year:

2025 Mountain Aire 4595:
• Similar to the Essex 4595, this is a full wall slide bath and a half model with a King Bed.
• The front living area features opposing sofas, an 87” Hide-A-Bed Sofa on the off-door
side and a 74” Jack Knife Sofa on the door side.
• The galley houses a Hide-A-Leaf Dinette rearward of the 87” Hide-A-Bed Sofa with a
large pantry, residential refrigerator, and large shelf storage.
• You will find the half bath, all-electric cooktop, and space for an optional beverage
center opposite the dinette and pantry.
• The master bedroom houses a King Bed opposite a large dresser with a TV and large
overhead cabinet.
• The rear bathroom features dual sinks, a standard washer and dryer, two wardrobes,
and a large 40”x32” shower.
• With the life cycle change of the Mountain Aire for the 2025 model year, new cabinet and furniture designs include:
- New furniture styling, including the front driver and passenger seats.
- New slide out fascia designs.
- A new feature ceiling.
- New cabinet door style with full overlay.
- New cabinet door and drawer hardware.
- New headboard style.
- New style of dinette chairs and fabrics.
- New styling of the pocket doors.
- New decorative “feet” have been updated in the kitchen.
• The Driver and Passenger seats now feature a power headrest.
• Map Pockets have been discontinued on the Driver and Passenger seats.
• For 2025, there are new cabinet colors including: Sable Maple, Sedona Maple, and Morel Maple.
With Sable Maple being the standard woodgrain.
• Additionally, there is a new painted cabinetry color available Summit.
• These cabinet colors are available in either a High Gloss finish or new Suede finish. With Suede
replacing the Matte finish from 2024.
• There is a new option for Two-Tone Cabinetry. Dark Woodgrains, Sable and Sedona, will be used
on the lower cabinets and throughout the coach (trim, fascia, feature ceilings, window treatments, passage doors, wardrobe doors, and pantry doors), with the Summit (White) Woodgrain to be used on upper cabinetry. Summit is the only option for the upper cabinetry.

• A temperature monitor for the water bay has been added to the silverleaf system.
• The in dash Xite monitors will be housed under a single piece of glass. These will still be two
separate monitors, but provide a sleeker, cleaner appearance.
• New decorative wall sconces in the front living area.
• New wire routing to clean up ATC lighting box. This is the KIB Lighting box commonly found in the
shoe storage.

• New rear cap and a refreshed front cap for 2025, including new taillights.

• Four new graphic designs and colors are available for 2025: Twilight, Imperial, Thundercloud, and Nespresso.

• Four new optional décor packages called “Winston”, “Camden”, “Sorrento”, and “Halstead” are available in 2025.
• With the life cycle change, the new interior designs include:
- Leather will replace Ultra Fabric on Furniture
- New porcelain flooring throughout
- New window treatments
- New kitchen and bathroom backsplashes
- New shower tile design
- New bedding package.
- New sofa pillows
- New wardrobe door style
- New counter top edging
- Removing the Mirror on Hobo Wall and adding Wood Paneling STD. Wood paneling will also
be featured on end walls.
- New passage door, pocket door, wardrobe door hardware.
- A low-profile solid surface splash guard will be featured instead of the previously used lit
glass divider on the 4118, 4551, and 4595.

• New plumbing fixtures and bath hardware.
• A new single sink is featured in the kitchen.
• New undermounts sinks featured in the full and half bathrooms.
• The shower features a new shower surround, inserts, and flooring.
• Bone stools have been discontinued, leave white stools only.

• The 2025 Mountain Aire features new dash and colors.
• The Passenger Laptop Tray has been discontinued.
• Hogan Sparrow will be the option replacing Linen Tweed for any special.
• Hogan Sparrow is standard on Nespresso graphic.

• Blind Spot Detection has now been made optional for the 2025 Mountain Aire.
• There is a new option for Starlink Internet. Options J235 and J671 are not available when selecting
the Starlink option (due to space constraints on roof).
• The 4595 has a new option to add a beverage center ILO of the rearward kitchen cabinet on the
door side.

2025 Newmar MOUNTAIN AIRE 4118

Imperial Full Painted Exterior - Winston Interior Decor - Morel Maple Hardwood Cabinets with High Gloss

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2025 Newmar Mountain Aire 3825

Twilight Full Painted Exterior - Sorrento Interior Decor - Sedona Maple Hardwood Cabinets with Suede Finish

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*Mountain Aire production units will have different leather than display coaches pictured here. Villa furniture will be used with real Italian leather for 2025 Newmar model year Mountain Aire.