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Motorhome Financing

Steinbring’s has been in the transportation business since 1917 and during this time, we’ve provided our customers with competitive and flexible financing alternatives to aid in the purchase of their home away from home.

Steinbring’s finance department provides bank financing on a local and national basis. This flexibility allows us to maintain our competitiveness in the ever-changing financial marketplace!

Please use the loan calculator provided and call us with any questions or concerns you may have.

Tax Deductions

The majority of RVs will qualify for tax deductions when they are your secondary residence. As long as the motorhome provides sleeping accommodations, a kitchen and a bathroom along with using the RV as the security of the loan, you should qualify. Click here to learn about the various tax deductions you may qualify for with your RV purchase and click here to download information from the IRS.

Warranties and Services

Steinbring Motorcoach offers affordable extended service contracts through Protective with various levels of coverage including mechanical, appliances, electronics and wheels and tires. Our finance department also sells additional services such as Body Guard paint sealant and Diamond Fusion windshield treatment. With the Body Guard paint sealant, the paint on your new motorhome is protected from the sun and the elements and is easier to clean. Unlike waxes, paint sealants offer protection from contaminants and provide a harder surface. When we apply the windshield treatment on your coach, you will see excellent rain repellant and will find removing bugs from your windshield to be less of a chore!