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  • The Kountry Star 3412 floor plan has been replaced by the 3418 model for 2024. The recliner next to the sofa previously offered in the 3412 has been eliminated. End tables have been added on each side of the 84” sofa, and the remainder of the additional space created by the deletion of the recliner was used to provide a larger and more functional bathroom mid-ship.

  • The bathroom layouts on the Kountry Star 3709, 4037, 4068 and 4070 models have been modified. This was done to allow a change from the radius shower previously offered in these floor plans in favor of a new and larger straight rectangular shower with a molded seat integrated into the new shower design. This change eliminates all radius showers from the 2024 Kountry Star line-up.

  • The Kountry Star 3426 floor plan will feature a swing door in lieu of the pivot door on the half bath.

  • Slight modifications have been made to the Kountry Star 3426, 3709, 3717, 4011, 4037, 4068 and 4070 floor plans so that a new drop down bunk option can be offered above the driver and passenger seats for the 2024 model year.


  • The standard dinette in the Kountry Star 4070 floor plan will be a non-sleeper for 2024. It will provide a euro-booth table with extendable top and 2 extra folding chairs to provide dining for up to 4 persons. This was done to provide adequate seat belts for the new cabover bunk option.


  • Tire pressure monitoring system (TPS) will be a new standard feature for Kountry Star in 2024.

  • 295/80R22.5 tires replace the 305/70R22.5 tires on the 40' Kountry Star chassis.
  • 37' Kountry Star models will provide 9" wheel rims for 2024.


  • The charging port in the dash area provides USB and USB-C connections.

  • The breaker boxes in the Kountry Star 3426 and 3717 models have been moved from the front overhead to the rear wardrobe. This change was necessary with the new option for cabover bunks above the front driver and passenger seats.


  • For 2024, the Kountry Star has a new exterior graphic design in three color combinations.

  • There was a running change to replace the baggage seals to match that of the Dutch Star – no more slamming.


  • A new interior décor option called “Yukon” replaces the “Roka” décor offered in 2023.

  • The “Ansel” and “Baja” décor packages are carried over for the 2024 model year. The décor names for these two offerings, however, have been changed to “Brunswick” and “Manitoba” because the vinyl tile flooring designs have changed in both decors.


  • A new fiberglass shower (rectangular instead of radius) and door have been developed for the 3709, 4037, 4068 and 4070 floor plans.


  • The window behind the television (with power lift) on the 3709 floor plans is larger for 2024. Its height increases from 22” to 29” tall.

  • Similarly, the window behind the television (with power lift) on the 3717 model is larger in height from 26” to 29” tall.


  • A new vinyl plank flooring material will be offered coordinating with the “Glacier” woodgrain.

  • The optional Winegard Traveler satellite dish will provide an automatic stow feature. The dish will

    automatically stow whenever the parking brake is released. This will only work when 120v power is

    available (i.e., the inverter is on, the generator is running or connected to shore power.

  • The option for ottomans has been discontinued for the 2024 model year.

  • A new option for a drop down bunk over the driver and passenger seats has been developed for the 2024 model year. This is available on all models including the new 3418. New option K890 will be used on all floor plans except the 4011. The new option #K900 is available on the 4011 model.

  • A new 68” theater seat replacing the standard 68” sofa is available on the 3717 floor plan for 2024.

  • Recliner options have been deleted from the 3418, 3717, and 4068 floor plans.

  • The euro-booth option is no longer available on the 3709 model.

  • On the 4011 (wheelchair accessible model), the option for a television on a power lift with fireplace

    behind the front passenger seat (J055) has been made standard. This option was selected on

    100% of all Kountry Star 4011 orders during the 2023 model year.

  • The option for a Norcold 4 door refrigerator with icemaker (J102) has been dropped for the 2024

    model year. This option was chosen on only 5% of all 2023 Kountry Star orders.


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