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wineguard satellites

Here at Steinbring Motorcoach, we use Winegard satellites for all our new and used motorhomes. Whether you want HD channels or prefer to have an in-motion satellite, we’ll be able to get you up and running. Below you will find useful links from Winegard to help you determine what satellite is best for you and what you will need to get your system up to speed.

If you have the Winegard Mission, T4 or the Trav’Ler you can find receiver setup guides here for all current Winegard satellites.

Not sure what kind of antenna you need on your motorhome, use this helpful guide from Winegard and determine what product is for you!

RV Antenna Selector

Winegard Rayzar TV Antenna

Winegard T4 In-Motion Satellite

Winegard Trav’ler HD Satellite

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